About us

We are a family from Germany with a second home in Corsica. For many years we spend as much time as possible on this beautiful and versatile island. In order to offer you the possibility to get to know this unique island, country & people as well as the excellent food, we rent out our apartments since 2018 to holiday guests to also draw you into the spell of Corsica.


emergency numbers

The uniform European emergency number 112 can be used to call ambulances, police or fire brigades from the fixed and mobile networks of the EU member states.

European emergency number: 112

Emergency number for hard of hearing or mute persons: 114

To call an ambulance in France, they say, "Il faut appeler le SAMU!"

The abbreviation stands for Service d'assistance médicale d'urgence.

More emergency numbers can be found below:

Ambulance/emergency doctor (SAMU): 15

Police: 17

Fire brigade: 18

Rescue at sea: 196

Please don't forget the prefix for France, 0033 + emergency number.

Pharmacies nearby:

  • Pharmacie Broche et Rosselini, Rue Pascal Paoli, Ile Rousse
  • Pharmacie Savelli, Résidence Isola Celeste, Ile Rousse
  • Pharmacie du Marché, 1 Avenue Piccioni, Ile Rousse

Next hospital:

Hospital Center De Calvi Balagne Guazzole, 20260 Calvi Tel.: 0033-495651122


In Ile Rousse every day (except Sundays) from 08:00-13:00 there is a small but nice market for regional specialities and fruit and vegetables at the Place Pascal Paoli. You can park cheaply in front of the beach at Boulevard Ch. M. Savelli.

In Calvi there is a comparable market from 09:00-13:00 at the Marché Couvert de Calvi. On the square in front of the Super U (supermarket) you can also buy textiles and regional handicrafts every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month. For flea market fans, there is a flea market every Sunday morning at Place Saint Nicolas. Charcuterie, cheese and fish are also offered. Beaches You will find numerous attractive beaches nearby.

We particularly recommend them:

Beach of Junquidou :

Beach of Bodri

Nearby you will find countless wonderful restaurants. Especially in the high season a reservation in advance is recommended.

Our recommendations in the area are:

Hotel la Santa: On the terrace of our friendly neighbouring hotel you can not only enjoy your breakfast. In the evening you can also enjoy traditional Corsican dishes in a modern interpretation. Our special tip: Always leave a little room for the sensational desserts! The prices are in the middle segment. Take-away pizza is also possible.

Auberge Sant'Antone: The Auberge Sant'Antone is also in the direct neighbourhood. It has both an indoor bar and an outdoor terrace where you can enjoy regional dishes and snacks.

L' Escale: l'Escale is located near the beach of Ile Rousse. Address: 20 Rue Notre Dame, Ile Rousse. With reservation you will surely get one of the coveted seats on the terrace overlooking the sea. Especially seafood can be recommended there. The prices are rather high, but fair for what you get for it.

Junquidou Restaurant: Located directly on the beach with a great sea view. Especially the Bouillabaisse evening is to be recommended (absolutely reserve). In the afternoon, one can also enjoy cocktails, snacks and sundaes. The prices here are in the middle segment.

L' Aghjalle: In the Aghjalle you can dine (only in the evening and by reservation) on a three-course menu of your choice with traditional Corsican dishes. In this restaurant you can enjoy a great view of the mountains and are almost at your hosts on the farm. We recommend to take a jacket with you for the later evening, even if it is still very hot at first. Address: Toro Soprano, Santa Reparata.


E.Leclerc: A huge supermarket with everything your heart desires. Address: Col de Fogata, 20220 Ile Rousse. Also open on Sundays in high season. Directly next door there is a fruit and vegetable market in the high season, which also sells great grilled chicken.

Casino: Large supermarket. Address: Avenue Fred Scamaroni, 20220 Ile Rousse.


Here in the village you will find a small shop with bakery products and regional specialities. However, it is advisable to order the bakery products in advance if you want something special. Otherwise you will find "Bakery Island" on the way to Ile Rousse. Address: Allée Charles de Gaulle, 20220 Ile Rousse. There is no order necessary.


Dear holiday guests,

Our holiday flat/house should be your second home. You should feel comfortable and be able to rest. We have put a lot of effort into the furnishing and hope that you will find everything you need. The following house rules should be a help for a harmonious stay. In addition, we have listed some rules which we hope you will understand. By a proper treatment of the dwelling you help us also in the future to offer you and other guests satisfying premises.

General information

If you miss anything in the interior or if you need help, contact us or our caretaker with confidence. All things which are in or belong to the holiday flat/house or on the balcony or terrace may and should be used by the guests. Please take care of all the furnishings and fixtures and treat the rental property with care. Please make sure that your fellow travellers also comply with the rental conditions.

Rest periods

In the interests of good neighbourliness, we ask you to observe public rest periods such as noon, night and Sunday rest. Also in the apartment should be kept quiet between 22:00 o'clock and 07:00 o'clock out of consideration. Parties are generally not allowed in the apartment.


Please take care of the kitchen equipment and technical devices. Since a dirty kitchen does not please anyone, please put dishes, pots and cutlery in the cupboards only in a clean and dry condition. Please do not place hot pots and other hot objects on the tables or worktop without coasters. Always use a cutting board as a base for cutting. Please leave the interior of the oven and microwave in a clean condition.


Nobody intentionally damages things, but it can happen to anyone that something breaks. We would be pleased if you would inform us about the damage and we would find it out, not only after your departure at the final cleaning. The tenant is liable for damages, in the amount of the replacement costs.


Please ventilate your apartment at least once a day by opening the windows. Do not throw any hygiene products, waste, grease, etc. into the shower, toilet or other drains, as this may cause blockages. Please use the rubbish bins that are available.

Duty of care

We kindly ask you to take care of the apartment and the inventory and to make sure that your fellow travellers and relatives also comply with the rental conditions. The front door of the house should always be closed. The windows must also be closed when leaving the apartment in order to avoid possible damage caused by storms and burglary. Wind can occur very suddenly on the terraces. Therefore, always secure the patio furniture, the grill and the laundry rack while you are away. Water and electricity resources should be used sparingly.


The waste is separated into residual waste and glass. Please do not place full garbage bags in front of the apartment. There are a lot of cats in the area who will spread the garbage over the terrace in your absence. Please always bring garbage to the container in the village. Please use garbage cans and cosmetic bins in the bathroom only with garbage bags and dispose of them closed in the garbage can. No rubbish, food scraps, harmful liquids or similar items may be thrown into the kitchen sink, toilets, washbasins or shower! Avoid anything that could block the pipes (no hygiene articles in the toilet).


If you should ever have an accident (extreme dirt, liquids on the floor or work surfaces, etc.), we ask you to eliminate it immediately. The final cleaning is obligatory for you. Nevertheless, we ask you to leave the apartment clean and tidy. If you wish an intermediate cleaning during your stay, we can organize it for you on site at the caretaker. This will then be invoiced according to expenditure. Should an accident happen to you (extreme dirt, liquids etc. on the floor or work surfaces...), we ask you to remove them immediately. Brooms, dustpans and buckets are available. The beds do not have to be removed on departure. Please simply throw the used towels onto the bathroom floor.


Bed linen and towels are provided for you in the apartment and are exchanged once a week. If you would like to have an exchange in advance, please contact our caretaker. Each extra exchange will be charged additionally. Please bring beach towels from home. The use of towels from the apartment on the beach is not permitted. Unfortunately, we will have to charge you for any dirty towels. Please do not dry your laundry in the apartment, but on the terrace.

Air conditioning

All apartments are equipped with air conditioning, which can also be used as heating in cold temperatures. Please note that if there are several air conditioners in the apartment, they should only be operated at the same temperature. It is not possible to cool in one room and heat in the other.


A wireless Internet connection (WLAN) is available in the holiday flat/house. Please ask us for the access code. The use of the internet with your own WLAN-enabled device (notebook, PDA, smartphone etc.) via the WLAN connection is free of charge for the tenant. You use the Internet at your own risk, the landlord excludes any liability in connection with the Internet use of the tenant. Please understand, however, that we (must) protect ourselves against misuse with a signature on your part.


We expressly ask you not to smoke in the apartment. An ashtray is available for smoking on the terrace. Steaming with an evaporator is only allowed outside.


Bringing pets is allowed after consultation with the landlord.

Parking facilities

It can be parked directly in front of the holiday home, further public parking spaces are in direct proximity. If a parking space is made available to you, this does not result in a custody contract. The landlord is not liable for loss of or damage to motor vehicles parked or manoeuvred on the property and their contents, except in cases of intent or gross negligence.

Right of domicile

Under certain circumstances it may be necessary for the landlord or the caretaker to enter the apartment without the guest's knowledge (e.g. unlocked windows in the guest's absence and thunderstorms).


Please never give the keys out of your hand. Any loss of the keys must be reported immediately and the guest is liable up to the amount of the replacement costs.

Common room

In the basement of the house you will find books and DVDs available to the community. We ask you to return them to your place after borrowing. There are also some beach utensils (like beach shell etc.).


Some cupboards in the apartment may be marked "private". There we store inventory, which we would like to use only privately for us, and not share with our guests. Please respect our wishes and our privacy. Thank you very much.


On site our caretaker lives permanently in one of the apartments and is available as a contact person. However, he only speaks French. Should you not be able to clarify any questions on site, please feel free to contact us personally. You will all receive the contact details when you make your binding booking.


The landlord is not liable for valuables of the guest(s).

Arrival and departure

The apartment can be occupied on arrival from 16.00 or by arrangement. On the day of departure we ask our guests to vacate the apartment by 10.00 a.m. at the latest. At your departure the apartment should look as you found it. With the booking of the holiday flat we assume that the house rules are recognized.

We like to be here in our residence ourselves and love this complex just as much as our home in Germany. That's why we ourselves, just like new arriving guests, want to find the complex maintained and in a great condition again. Thank you for helping us by following our rules. That means a lot to us.

Thank you very much for your attention. We wish you a pleasant stay, lots of fun, relaxation and recreation.

Sincerely, your family Kreuz